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Ear Piercing Radlett

We're finally offering a unique ear and body piercing experience, including a free consultation!

With over 7 years experience in body piercing including training up apprentices to becoming full time piercers, you'll be in the best hands to make your experience fun, comfortable and exciting!

Each appointment is bespoke to you and includes mapping out piercing plans, tailored advice and a choice from our huge range of solid gold luxury jewellery, as well as aftercare advice and an aftercare pack!


If you'd like to book in for a free consultation for your piercing, you'll have the opportunity to discuss what piercings are best suited to you as well as being taken through aftercare and healing advice. If you're thinking of having multiple piercings over a period of time, we can also make a piercing plan for you in which we'll ensure that each piece of jewellery compliments your collection and your piercings heal in the best way possible. In addition to piercing appointments, we also offer a jewellery changing service if you're purchasing new jewellery from us.

During your consultation, you'll also be able to pre-order your jewellery after browsing our selection of Tish Lyon solid gold pieces, which is also available to view from home if you get in touch! When having your piercing done, we'll take you through the aftercare again and you'll be given all of this information on an aftercare card along with your free kit!



Piercings appointments are priced separately to the cost of jewellery as each unique piece has a different cost. Jewellery from our solid gold range can start from around £20 with basic pieces and prices/images are available to browse upon request.


Appointment charges are as follows: 

1 piercing - £30

2 piercings - £50

3 piercings - £65

Jewellery change - £15

(You must be purchasing our jewellery, as this means we'll be able to ensure that the jewellery is safely sanitised)

Please bear in mind that not all customers will be able to have more than two piercings done during one appointment. This will depend on various factors including the placement of the piercings and each customer's own body. This can be discussed during consultations and upon enquiry. 

Ear Diagram
Ear Piercing Bushey


Ear Piercing Watford

Clean your piercing twice a day front and back with saline solution, either soaking or using a clean cotton bud. This should be done for a minimum of 6 months (or 2-3 for lobes). Before cleaning your piercing, make sure you wash your hands thoroughly to avoid any risk of infection.

Avoid swimming for 4 weeks and try not to sleep on or touch your piercing until it's fully healed. Do not twist or turn the jewellery!! If you'd like to change your jewellery, also wait until your piercing is fully healed and feel free to get back in touch for us to do this for you!

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