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Ombré Brows

What are semi permanent ombré brows?

Ombré brows differ from the microblading hair stroke technique by giving the brows more of a soft shaded pencil look. The final result doesn't have to be thick and bold, but can be made to look very natural and is often a better option for clients with naturally very thin and sparse brows.

Not only can this technique be used on its own to shade in eyebrows, but it can be used in conjunction with hair stroke brows. The amount of hair strokes and shading that is used is bespoke to every client and can create the exact desired look by combining the two.

What is the process of semi permanent ombré brows?

Much all other semi permanent make up procedures, the first thing to do is to have a patch test. This must be performed at least 48 hours prior to your pre-booked appointment to allow enough time to notice any possible allergic reactions to the pigment (although this is unlikely, the patch test is a necessity).

Unfortunately, due to legalities, any numbing agent (which we recommend using) must be applied by yourself following all instructions given when you purchase it. As the pigment colour will have already been chosen during the patch test, the first part of the ombré brows procedure is to draw the outline of the desired shape onto the brows. It is very important to ensure that you are totally happy with both the shape and colour before continuing onto the next step!

After the desired shape has been drawn on, a very small blade is used to outline the brow. This outline only uses minimal pigment so that it will fade away during the healing process and is just there to ensure the shading is done in the exact area required. A slightly larger blade is then used to shade in the brow, usually applying the most pigment to the tail and gradually using less and less towards the bulb. 

A free top up session can then be arranged 6 weeks after your initial appointment to even out any parts of the lips that may have lost a little too much colour during the healing process.

Ombre Brows Radlett
What is the necessary aftercare?

For at least 7 days following your treatment, or until the area appears to have completely healed, you should be following this daily routine:

1. Use a gentle face cleanser and avoid the treatment area.

2. If the treatment area does get wet, pat it dry gently with a tissue or clean towel.

3. Apply your treatment ointment (which is given to you after your appointment) to the area 3 times a day, making sure you wash your hands thoroughly before and after each application to avoid infection.

Things not to do:

  • Do not use make up on or around the treatment area for 7 days afterwards.

  • Do not expose the treated area to extreme heat or cold until it is completely healed. This includes saunas, sun bathing, tanning beds etc.

  • Do not scratch, pick, itch or rub the area of the treatment, as this will cause uneven healing, infection, scarring and can remove the pigment.

Please remember that the colour is up to 50% darker immediately after treatment. It will fade after 4-7 days and the true colour will not come through until up to 6 weeks after the initial treatment.

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