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Microblading Radlett

What is microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent tattoo technique, used to create the illusion of a fuller brow. The actual technique of implanting pigment into fine incisions in the skin goes back thousands of years but gained popularity for use for eyebrows in with the embroidery trend. Later known as microblading, it is essentially tattooing but it involves using a specialised hand tool.

Rather than giving you a block of colour like traditional tattooing, microblading creates fine strokes by hand to create the illusion of real hairs and therefore giving the brow an overall more natural look. It is classed as a form of semi permanent make up, but with regular top ups and good aftercare, the results can last as long as you wish them to! 

Microblading Bushey

What is the process of microblading?

Once you have made your appointment to have your eyebrows microbladed, you'll need to leave a £50 deposit (at least 48 hours notice needed for a refund if cancelling your appointment) which will come off your total price on the day of your treatment and then arrange a time to come and have a patch test. This patch test will need to be done at least 24 hours before your appointment to ensure ample time for any possible allergic reactions you may have to the pigment.

If there is no reaction to the patch test then everything is okay to go ahead with your appointment!

Unfortunately, due to legalities, any numbing cream (which we recommend you using) will need to be applied by yourself making sure to follow the instructions given with the product purchased. As the colour of the pigment will have already been decided and matched to your skin tone during your patch test, the first part of your appointment will be spent mapping your brows out and drawing on with a pencil your desired shape. Specific tools are used during this time to ensure that your brows are perfectly symmetrical and this is usually the longest part!


After confirming the exact shape that you are happy with, the hand tool is used to create fine incisions into the skin mimicking hair strokes which pigment is then implanted into. A few passes are needed to fill out the brow and after checking the progress regularly in a mirror, any extra desired hair strokes can be added.

A £30 top up session can then be arranged for 4-6 weeks after the original procedure. We do this to fill in any areas of the brows that may have lost a little of the pigment during the healing process and to add in any small extra hair strokes that you desire!

Microblading Watford

What is the necessary aftercare?

For at least 7 days following your treatment, or until the area appears to have completely healed, you should be following this daily routine:

1. Use a gentle face cleanser and avoid the treatment area.

2. If the treatment area does get wet, pat it dry gently with a tissue or clean towel.

3. Apply your treatment ointment (which is given to you after your appointment) to the area twice a day, making sure you wash your hands thoroughly before and after each application to avoid infection.

Things not to do:

  • Do not use make up on or around the treatment area for 7 days afterwards.

  • Do not expose the treated area to extreme heat or cold until it is completely healed. This includes saunas, sun bathing, tanning beds etc.

  • Do not scratch, pick, itch or rub the area of the treatment, as this will cause uneven healing, infection, scarring and can remove the pigment.

Please remember that the colour is up to 50% darker immediately after treatment. It will fade after 4-7 days and the true colour will not come through until up to 4 weeks after the initial treatment.

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